Turkish Citizenship

There are thousands of foreigners who want to obtain citizenship in Turkey every year. Like in every country, there are certain requirements needed to apply for citizenship in Turkey. There are few different ways to get a citizenship in Turkey in various situations.

– Fast Citizenship by purchasing a Million Dolar property: (Update:14.01.2017) According to the new citizenship law, foreigners may obtain investment citizenship in Turkey as the fastest way without any waiting time. If a foreigner buy 1.000.000 USD valued property and promise to keep it in his/her hand for 3 years, you get directly Turkish Citizenship with first degree family members.

– Owning a property: If you buy a property in Turkey, you get yearly renewed residence permit once you keep the property on your name. After 5 year renewed residence permit, you may apply for citizenship. The main condition is; you need to stay 185 days in Turkey in each calendar year. There is not any property value restriction.

Turkish citizenship by birth: The easiest way to get a citizenship is to be born in family with Turkish mother and Turkish father.

Getting citizenship by decision of competent authority: The consent of a competent authority is required for a foreigner to get a Turkish citizenship. Even if foreigners comply with all the conditions, they will not be able to earn citizenship if the Turkish authorities do not approve. One of the conditions of getting a Turkish citizenship is to live in Turkey for 5 years with residence permit. Easiest way to get a residence permit and to extend it yearly after working permit or marriage is ‘to buy a property in Turkey‘. These types of applications can be done by mail or individually. The Council of Ministers is the main decision maker in deciding who will be given the citizenship. The acquisition of Turkish citizenship shall not affect the spouse’s citizenship. After the applicant receives the Turkish citizenship the custody of the child can be passed on the other spouse with their consent. In case of a lack of consent the custody of the child will be decided according to the decision of the judge where mother/father habitual residence is. If the mother and father receive Turkish citizenship together, the children will be automatically accepted as citizens as well.

– When you look at all these conditions in general, the easiest way to gain citizenship in Turkey is to own a real estate and receive residence visa to stay for 5 years. Buying property in Turkey is one of the best way for appliying visa requirements. Your visa can be renewed every year when you own a real estate in Turkey. In this way, you will have an investment and you will easily be able to have a residence permit. Another advantage of this way is to have the residence permit with your whole family.

The restoration of Turkish citizenship: Those who have lost their Turkish citizenship one or another way you can re-apply to be a Turkish citizen. There is a section concerning those who have lost their Turkish citizenship because of the political and economic reasons.

Citizenship in Turkey by marriage: The most known and easiest way is to get marry with a Turkish citizen and get a Turkish citizenship. But marriage with Turkish citizen is not giving a citizenship directly – only after 3 years of marriage foreigner can apply for a citizenship with following conditions;

a) Couple needs to live together,
b) Keep away from behaviors that will damage the marital union,
c) Should be no threat to the national security and public order.

Getting Turkish citizenship with exceptional circumstances: There other exeptions for the people who can get a Turkish citizenship. For example: bringing Turkey into industrial plants or scientific, technological, economic, social, sporting, cultural and artistic area of outstanding service to the people sooner or later will be considered and reasoned proposal made in the ministries rights.

– “Entrepreneurs democracy and citizenship in Turkey by investment. Another way to do this is to make commercial investments in Turkey and open a business with working places. Entrepreneurs should get work permission.

– The person to be deemed essential to citizenship.

– Persons accepted as immigrants.

Qualifications of Turkish Citizenship

A foreign national may apply for nationalization if he or she meets all of the following conditions;

1) Applicant should be in the age of majority or can apply through his legal elders.
2) Have been resident in Turkey for five years without interruption.
3) Applicant should have proving documents of residence purpose in Turkey; you may check below purposes:

– Acquire have property in Turkey
– Establish a business in Turkey
– Invest in Turkey
– Moving to Turkey for commercial activities or businesses
– Working in Turkey with work permit
– Marry a Turkish citizen
– Be a close relative to a person who had previously obtained a Turkish citizenship
– Having completed education in Turkey

4) Having a disease constituting an obstacle in respect of public health
5) Be a responsible, reliable person
6) Be able to speak a sufficient level of Turkish
7) Have income or profession to provide for maintenance for himself/herself and his/her dependants in Turkey
8) Have a respect to national security and public order

The files will be examined and you will have an interview. If the commission approves your application, send the file to the Ministry of the Interior. The decision of citizenship acquisition is given by the ministry. If decision negative, the file sent to the governor.

Required Documents for Turkish Citizenship Application

Requirements of citizenship in Turkey for application:

– Original of the passport or other documents certifying citizenship of applicant. Or if the applicant is stateless, documents certifying applicant’s statelessness.
– Birth certificate
– Residence permit
– Documents confirming first time getting ti Turkey, how many time getting out of Turkey and all time living in Turkey. (stamp in passport, residence permit original and photocopy)
– If married, the official documents confirming the identities and family ties of the spouse and all underage children. (marriage license, birth certificate for children’s)
– If you have any Turkish relatives – copy of the Turkish id and address in Turkey.
– Conformation of income
– Certification of applicant’s ability to speak Turkish (a certificate will be issued by Turkish consular section upon a successful interview of the applicant)
– 4 photographs taken in last 1 month