Who we are, and why our services are important to you?

GUATRO .CO is one of the economic GUATRO GROUP, which is active in many fields such as import, export, tourism, international shipping and real estate marketing.
It was founded in turkey since 2012, it is working business activity mainly in Istanbul and in other cities like (Antalya - Izmir - Alanya - Trabzon - Samson).

Our number is in the Commercial Registration: Istanbul-950784
Our tax number is: 4110427846

  • Qualified Specialists

    Guatro has the best consultant and engineering staff. We are talking about experts with high ability to make rigorous studies that determine the opportunities of real estate investment and owning in turkey taking into account the volatility of prices and purchasing power of the market.

  • Various Offers

    Guatro provides the best offers to the investors and those wishing to own or invest in turkey in terms of appropriate tourist site, the value of the real estate investment, and the budget allocated for purchase.

  • Reliability and Hard Work

    In Guatro always make sure to document all the selling-buying steps legally to ensure the customer right, the thing that contributes to the acquisition of Guatro Real Estate.

  • Special Services

    Guatro bids magnificent and unique services that are mainly based on the customers comfort not on profitability.

  • Modernization and Professionalism

    Guatro was not established on the basic of traditional or routine work, we, in Guatro, mange to keep up to the global real estate market with scientific and technical progress.

Guatro Team

We are a group of aspiring specialists who are looking forward to improving their company, we seek to serve the investors in Turkey and to help them choose the best appropriate solutions.

Aiman Ghazzol
Kuwait's Office Manager


Ahmad Bukli Hassan
Istanbul's Office Manager


Mahmoud Alahmad
Marketing and Sales Manager