3. Istanbul Project

The largest project in Başakşehir, now There is Another İstanbul.

Istanbul must always be as spoiled and cherished as a delicate lover...

A new, grand project worthy of Istanbul’s magnificence is arriving to complement the 3rd Bridge, the 3rd Airport, and other such projects.

The largest project in Başakşehir: The 3. Istanbul. It rises to add value and grace to Istanbul.

  • The project is just 2 minutes from Metro Kent Station

  • It is only 5 minutes from TEM Highway

  • It is only 12 minutes from E-5

  • It is only 12 minutes from the Third Airport

  • It is only 12 minutes from Atatürk Airport

  • It is only 20 minutes from The Third Bridge

You'll forget that you live in a city.

What's immersed in the flowers' scent is the pleasure of the Tulip Era...
3. Istanbul will be right next to the Botanical Park and its generous display of nature's most beautiful colors.

The Botanical Garden, set to be Europe's largest, will be built on 368,000 square meters. And it will be right in your back yard so you can indulge in pleasant walks among nature's wonders.

At 3. Istanbul, every moment of the day is sure to be filled with fun for the whole family. Three social facilities accommodate separate sections for men and women. While you indulge in art programs like calligraphy in the hobby workshop, your children will enjoy doing as they like in the PlayStation rooms. The swimming pools and saunas allow you to rejuvenate and unwind at the end of the day.

The most important reasons to live in the largest project in Istanbul

With such a big project, comes a lot of important features..

General Information About The Project

  • Project Area: 115.847 m2

  • Building Area: 330.467 m2

  • Total Residential Units: 1.227

  • Total Commercial Units: 209

  • Unit Types: 2+1 3+1 4+1

  • It is only 20 minutes from The Third Bridge

What is waiting for you in 3. Istanbul project

  • Walking Track

    The third Istanbul project offers a walking track that is 1.4 km long, the first of its kind in the area of Başakşehir.

  • Hobby Workshop

    You will invest your time in practicing your hobby through artistic programs in a workshop dedicated to spend the most beautiful times.

  • Children's Play Areas

    Your children will enjoy the most beautiful time in games rooms with PlayStation and the latest games.

  • Swimming Pools

    The pools and saunas offer you the comfort and relaxation after a busy day.

  • SPA

    You will spend healthy times full of rest and enjoyment in the health resorts that contain the most important facilities.

  • Sport Fields

    Whatever your favorite game is, you will find it in the third Istanbul project, such as basketball, tennis and football courts.

  • The project is being built by multiple well-known international companies

  • Full support from the Turkish goverenment

  • Most important advantage of this project is that it is guaranteed and supported by the municipality of Başakşehir

  • Best prices at all

  • It is the best time to buy your apartment as the first step has already begun